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When sailing passion meets over 50 years of experience...

The passion for sailing. Knowing the Seven Seas by heart. Successful participant of the Admiral‘s Cup Race and second place at the world championship. Jürgen Schwern and his team are all (former) sailing professionals. You could say: „He knows every trick in the book.“

Since 1960 Jürgen Schwern has been an active sailing champ gaining lots of experience by accompaning many yachts (10m and more) as a skipper. His journeys went from the Faroe Islands to Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Other trips from Bremen to Lissabon and the Azores Islands where he got the “Tanja Trophee“ as a reward for his endeavours.

One of the highlights in Jürgen Schwern‘s career was the second place in the world championship race of the “One Ton Class“ with the ship “Gumboots“ in Newport USA, right behind Dennis Connor, the multiple America Cup winner. In 1973 Schwern won for the German Team the Admiral‘s Cup on the “Carina lll“. In 1979 he participated in the extreme stormy “Fastnet Race“ on the “Tina i Punkt“.

You as our customer will profit from the extensive 50 years of sailing experience. You will receive an honest consultation and we will take care of all of your individual dreams. We make sure you get “your personal yacht“. And most importantly: The great trust of our customers, wha have already bought their third and fourth yacht over the last four decades at Schwern Yachten.
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    Luxurious and fast regatta cruiser from Dehler. Safety, Speed, absolute quality. Paired with high resale value and innovation technology. At Dehler only enthusiasts are developing yachts, with the right passion and intelligent function combined effectively. Our vision: “When passion meets Reason“. That means, we have to design yachts, that are exciting to navigate and at the same time safe and functional.

    The power of our yachs is excellent, proven by many championships during th eregattas around the world. Come in and be dazzeled by the wolrd of Dehler yachts.


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    Schwern offers you a broad selection of pre-owned yachts. 40 years of experience guarantee, that we‘ll offer you just the right yacht which, considering the age of the yacht, can be updated and modified in regards to technology, appearance and safety measures.

    Through our partners at Dehler and Hanse you have the possibility to purchase radeshow and presentation boats as well as youngtimers. Just give us a call directly.


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    Schwern Yachts offers the complete program for new and pre-owned yachts. Professional consultation and 100% quality assurance are our guiding principles.

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    The team of Schwern Yachts provides consultation and service in regards to parts and yacht equipment. Directly at our Showroom in Wedel or at our partner sites you have ample possibilities to have your yacht repaired and upgraded.

    Repairs & Refits

    We llike you to feel safe and comfortable about your yacht. Any kind of repair and nautical updates for the yacht can be directly performed by our team at Wedel or any of our partners. For more details please contact us directly.

    Management & Winter Storrage

    The full-service package at Schwern means, yacht management, transportation anywhere in the world and a dry location for the winter storage. All of this can be optained at Schwern. And much more...

    Propeller Protection

    For many years now Schwern has been the exclusive service partner for the worldly renowned propeller protection system called “Stripper“.

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